Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm back

Today is sunday Jan29 2008 and I haven't gone to chruch in a while. It's not my parnets fault it is the whole families fault. For example we could sleep in or we go some where. It's not that good. I know I should try very hard to go there. Theres a church right by my house and my grandma told me I should try to walk to the church. But I don't really like it. You can post comments for suggetions about my problem.


Uber FLoW said...

To be or not to be...
Ahhh yes, a classic problem; well although a man can have praise and worship anywhere, it is best and most fulfilling when you find a place of worship that offers you a clear understanding of teachings in an environment you dig.

Take a chance and go up the street one Sunday; scout it out. Then, drag your parents out of bed and bring them with you.

Don't fall victim to relying on anyone (parents included) to get you into heaven.

The good reverend doctor honorable minister of education,


David B. Dancy said...

To build upon my esteemed colleague Parde, I must agree that the act of getting up and going is entirely dependent on you.
Elijah you have demonstrated an intellectual maturity beyond your years. You have God to thank for that....what are you waiting for?
Thank him.
Glad you are back.

robbie said...

Hi Elijah,
I finally am able to leave a comment, it took a while, ask your mother about it. But, anyways, I totally agree with Parde and David B. When one goes to church, they go to get spritually fed. It has nothing to do with people, it has to do with you. Block people out. Try it again, you may like it. If, by chance, you do like it, take your little sister with you the next time you go. Love you,