Friday, January 4, 2008

Bring in 2008 push out 2007.

I've have a lot of new year's revolutions. Such as get outside more. You would think that a kid would be outside like back then. But I got a news flash for ya a lot of big gadgets and gizmoes came out. Like the ps3, or the xbox360, or the wii. But the wii is exercise so your not a couch potato. I admit I am a game a holic, but if it was the summer than I would be out more. My other one is to STOP BEING LAZY! I sat on the couch and watched t.v. wa'll I was eaten a snack or something. That has to stop. I see pictures back when I was eight and I looked sooooooo different. Also take it from me sometimes eaten a snack and watching t.v. can get boring almost all the time. I see commercials on cartoonetwork saying get animated. I always say to myself i should do that. But the neighborhood we live in isn't the "ooooo what a wonderful front yard you have over there mary"! " ooo thankyou"! But then right now wa'll i'm typing this blog i'm thinking hhhhhheck no. I would like a nice neighborhood but not a perki one! Those are my New Year's Revolutions!


finesse said...

elijah what are your new year's resolution for 2008?

Daddio said...

Hey Elijah how's your blog coming? Happy New Year.